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Cotton T-shirts: Standard vs Ring Spun vs Combed

Cotton T-shirts: Standard vs Ring Spun vs Combed

Ever wondered why certain cotton T-shirts feel softer than the other? Or more durable than others? It comes down to the process of making that cotton into the T-shirt fabric. Some of you might heard of polyester or rayon material, but in this blog, we’ll focus more on cotton material tees.


Here’s a basic explanation, cotton will go through the process of spinning where they are drawn out into long strands and turned into yarn. The yarn is then sewn into fabric, which then will be made into t-shirts. Let’s break it down to 3 types of cotton fabric, which are standard cotton, ring spun cotton & combed ring spun cotton.

Standard Cotton

Standard Cotton fabic are usually created with carded open end fibers, which are usually uncombed cotton. They tend to appear fuzzy under a microscope. They are spun into yarn and alot of short strands of cotton are left in there. In turn, you will get a rougher feel of the fabric. Even though it’s the least expensive cotton fabric, but it can be less durable.

Ring Spun Cotton

Compared to standard cotton, there’s an additional process of spinning the yarn for ring spun cotton. A lot of short cotton strands are taken out, resulting in a softer and more durable type of cotton.

Combed Ring Spun Cotton

As for combed ring spun cotton, it’s an additional process of combing out short mid-size strands of cotton, leaving you with a long & strong durable piece of yarn, leaving you with an ultra-soft & very durable cotton t-shirt.

Cotton Comparison
Source: Twin City Tees (

Here is an infographic reference of standard cotton (carded open end) vs combed ring spun cotton from Bella Canvas.
Carded Open End vs Combed Ring Spun
Source: Bella Canvas (

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