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10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About T-Shirts

10 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About T-Shirts

We wear T-shirts, we own T-shirts. Let’s discover some interesting and fun facts about them!


1. T-shirt Name

T-shirt Shape
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In 1920, “T-shirt” was found in Merriam-Webster dictionaries. It is named from the “T” shape of it’s sleeves and body. Like duhh right. It’s pretty obvious but yea that’s the fact.


2. T-shirt From Undergarments?

One Piece Union Suit
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Oh yes! In the 19th century, T-shirts evolved from undergarments. The one-piece union suit (known as “long underwear”) as seen in the picture above was cut into top and bottom garments. Longshoremen and miners used to adopt the style to cover themselves in hot environments during the late 19th century.


3. Yarns per T-shirt

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Did you know that it takes about 31,680 feet (that’s like 9,656 metres) of yarn to make just ONE t-shirt? Who knew?!


4. Wizard Of Oz T-shirt

Wizard of Oz T-shirt
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In 1939, one of the earliest printed T-shirt was produce for the Wizard of Oz Movie. Unfortunately, there is no existing picture of the actual shirt.


5. International T-shirt Day

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The heck? There is such thing?.. Yup! It’s celebrated every (June 20th in the US, June 21st in Europe). You can find more info here.


6. World Most Expensive T-shirt

World Most Expensive Tshirt
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Priced at $400,000, this Superlative Luxury T-shirt steals the crown as the most expensive T-shirt in the world. It’s made of cotton while having sewn in a set of 16 diamonds (about nine carats). Woahh…


7. Most T-shirts Worn at Once

Most Tshirt Worn at once
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260 is the most number of T-shirts worn at once! Ted Hastings broke the Guinness World Records title in Feb 2019 by wearing T-shirts ranging from medium up to 20X. Purpose? Hope to raise money for a school playground. (You barely can see his face in the picture! LOL. Nonetheless, still an achievement!)


8. World Largest T-shirt

Largest Tshirt in the world
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Here’s another Guinness World Records title. The Plastindia Foundation (India) at Mumbai created the largest T-shirt measuring 96.86 m (317.78 ft) long and 69.77 m (228.90 ft) wide. 200,000 recycled plastic bottles were used in the production!


9. Litres per T-Shirt

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2,700 Litres of water is use to make 1 cotton T-shirt, thats like 713 gallons of water which is enough for one person to drink for 2 and 1/2 years! That’s crazy!


10. Materials for T-shirt

Crocodile Skin
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Cotton / Polyester are few of the most common materials to make a T-shirt. However, (get ready for this)… there are other variety of materials tht has been used to make a T-shirt, including crocodile skin, leather, gold, and even human hair! (You can google up for more info)


Interesting, right? Let us know if you want more interesting content such as these! And be sure to check out for amazing tees that allow you to express yourself!


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